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Our School

a special place to learn & grow

a special place to learn & grow

Junction City School is a special place for kids to learn and grow. We can't wait to share our school community with you!
A Distinguished school & exemplary district

A Distinguished school & exemplary district

Junction City School is a 2023 California Distinguished School and Exemplary District!

We are a small, one-school district serving about 70 kids in grades TK-8. We are located in the small mountain town of Junction City in Trinity County, California. We are nestled at the base of the beautiful Trinity Alps Wilderness, along ten acres of the Trinity River.

Our staff and community strive to work together to create programs that produce articulate, confident, and skilled students. There is a strong focus on student voice and empowerment. We aim to provide a well-balanced educational experience for every student by offering an enriching and rigorous academic program, while providing school-wide social-emotional support.

The school facilities are in good condition as evidenced by our passing of the FIT report. Each year repairs and maintenance are performed as needed. We strive to provide a safe, clean environment for all our students.
All Junction City School students participate in a curriculum that is based on California State Standards and is enriched with STEM, Social Emotional Learning (SEL), and Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA). Our after school program offers electives, academic intervention, and homework assistance.
Due to our small population, Junction City School does not have many sub-groups that are over 10 students. We do not have a significant population of English Language Learners, so Priorities 2B, 4D, 4E, and 4F do not apply to our LCAP. In addition, we are a TK-8 school and all High School Priorities (4B, 4C, 4D, 4G, 4H, 5D, & 5E) and Middle School Dropout Rates Priority (5C) do not apply.
Our population of special education students is about 10% of our total student population. We work collaboratively with the Trinity County Office of Education's special education department to provide quality, meaningful, and relevant educational support for students with disabilities. This includes support services, professional development, and communities of practice.
Our small student population allows us to provide all of our students with the individual support they need to reach their potential. As a small, single-school district, we complete a comprehensive needs and budget analysis assessment on an annual basis. Due to our small student population size, which results in a small pool of data to analyze, all resources are equally distributed for all students in the district. We will continue to monitor our resources to ensure equity for all students.
We are a tiny one-school district, and therefore, our LCAP will take the place of our Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA) and will include all funds that are typically in the the SPSA. In addition, our LCAP Advisory Committee will be the School Site Council.
The mission of Junction City School is to strengthen the academic and social skills of all students, and to create a school climate conducive to learning by encouraging good citizenship, good attendance, and high academic standards. It is our intent to provide an environment that encourages our students to be active participants in our community and eventually contribute to our global society.
Together, these programs and philosophies help to promote a whole-school family atmosphere with an emphasis on our students' success and well-being.
We are excited about our dynamic learning community, and look forward to sharing it with you!