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Our School

a special place to learn & grow

a special place to learn & grow

Junction City School is a special place for kids to learn and grow. We can't wait to share our school community with you!
A Distinguished school & exemplary district

A Distinguished school & exemplary district

Junction City School is a 2018 Distinguished School and Exemplary District!
We are a small, one-school district serving about 70 kids in grades TK-8. We are located in the small mountain town of Junction City in Trinity County, California. We are nestled at the base of the beautiful Trinity Alps Wilderness, along ten acres of the Trinity River.
Our staff and community strive to work together to create programs that produce articulate, confident, and skilled students. There is a strong focus on a well-balanced education for every student with high standards aimed at excellence and student empowerment.
Due to the Covid-19 global pandemic, Junction City School closed to in-person instruction in March2020. We were able to open in August 2020 under the “Health and Safety Plan for Reopening 2020-2021 School Year” adopted by Trinity County Schools and the Junction City Elementary School District Board of Trustees. This plan required numerous health and safety protocols to be implemented, and restricted many of the activities that are typically part of our school year. Our instructional program has kept its fidelity this school year, and we have been able to offer increased intervention, tutoring, and support for all our students, and in particular to our at-risk and special needs populations. We are addressing any and all "loss of learning" due to our campus being closed for Spring 2020, and local assessment data shows that our students are making substantial growth. During the late fall and early winter of the 20-21 school year, we were on a Modified Distance Learning schedule, with students coming on campus for in-person instruction one or more days per week, and working off-campus the remainder of the week. We have also offered a full-time
distance-learning program for students and families more comfortable with staying off-campus full- time. When we can return to our normal operating procedures, field trips, school performances, community events and extra curricular activities such as sports will again be part of our regular school program.
All Junction City School students participate in a curriculum that is based on Common Core Standards and is enriched with STEM, Social Emotional Learning (SEL), and Visual and Performing Arts while on campus. Our After School Program offers electives, academic enrichment, and
homework assistance. Our intervention program offers support for students that need additional assistance with skills.
The mission of Junction City School is to improve the academic and social skills of all students, and to create a school climate conducive to learning by encouraging good citizenship, good attendance, and high academic standards. It is our intent to provide an environment that fosters in children the ability to recognize and accept responsibility to the end that they may be active participants in our global society.
Together, these programs and philosophies help to promote a whole school family atmosphere with an emphasis on our students' success and well being.
We are excited about our dynamic learning community, and look forward to sharing it with you!